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Website design for small businesses

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At Cahill Web Studio, we know that a strong online presence is essential for attracting and converting customers in virtually every industry. we also understand that not every business needs an elaborate website to reach their goals – which is why we offer our simple, results-driven Fast to Market designs.

We have been specializing in superior website design for small businesses for over 20 years. We are Vancouver Island most experienced agency  NOW!

[#1 Reason] Don't guess, use what's best for top search engine placement

We Use Top Grade Premium Proven Search Engine Optimization Formula

Proven SEO Fomula

Businesses that use our premium Search Engine Optimized Formula just rank higher. And if your not ranking high enough to be found on the search engines for keywords that matter to you and your customers, don’t you have to ask the question..’what’s the point of having a website on the internet?’

  • Using a great Content management platform like WordPress gives a business website a real advantage when used properly, with all the excellent SEO Plugins available. Some of our favorites are Yoast and YoRocket
  • YoRocketI’d never start a Search Engine Optimization campaign without doing some basic keyword research and you shouldn’t either. It’s a good idea to not only discover what keywords your target group is searching, but also what the competition is like. Sometimes the best path forward towards winning the search engine placement battle may not be the obvious one. Do some research, the time spent on the front end will go a long way to determining you long term campaign success. Try this link (you don’t need to spend money with Google AdWords to use this basic Keyword tool.

[#2 Reason] Create More Optimized Landing Pages

Thinking a website is a home page and links to other pages is.. WRONG!


When you need a winning pass to advance your business over the goal line, you need to ensure every page is optimized to ensure it ranks high for it’s intended use. Our talented search engine optimization specialists will score touch down after touch down with the attitude that every single webpage is super optimized for search with compelling titles and the natural keyword rich content it takes to generate [long tailed keyword phrases] that are specific to your online presence and totally related to their search intent.

We excel in both local search engine results with Google’s Local Pack Listings and search engine results wherever your company needs to be seen. Our Search Engine Marketing tools drastically improve small business search engine visibility results for local businesses all over Vancouver Island. When your business depends on being found, don’t mess around. We don’t just say we’re the winning team, we live it!

Landing Pages

[#3 Reason] Make Your Site Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

A mobile Friendly Website is a
‘Happy Website’


You can increase search traffic by targeting mobile users. In the last two years, mobile search queries have had a 5 times growth rate.

  • Mobile users are on the move shoppers, because they can make purchases from anywhere. It’s more difficult for desktop users. That’s why hundreds of million retailers plan to invest in and learn about mobile advertising this year. I suggest your business does too.
  • So what do all these statistics mean?: there is tremendous potential for increased search traffic in making making sure your site mobile-friendly now.
  • Another reason to make your website mobile responsive is that Google now penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly.

If you’re looking for more information on making your site responsive to any mobile device or platform, see our link for Building A Mobile-Friendly Site.

Profits that far exceed the investment of our SEO search engine services is how we factor everything. Check out John Rogers owner of John’s Bedrooms in Nanaimo and Courtenay fantastic review on our services. “we went from an over 90% bounce rate on our search engine landing page results, to now just over 8%!!”

Top ranked spots for
search terms that matter

Stop playing the guessing game. Our SEO strategies
have proven successful time and again. Let us make
your business our next success story.

Results-driven effective online website design has to 
have a search marketing strategy at it’s core. What good is
having a great looking website that shows up on page 3. Any 
webpage that does not rank on page one for the keywords that
you need to rank for is of no value when it comes to promoting
your business.



Don’t settle for 2nd and 3rd page results when you can rank page #1 for keywords that are critical for your business success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital service that we offer to businesses small and large on Vancouver Island. And you consider yourself a medium sized company in Campbell River, Courtenay, Nanaimo, Duncan and Victoria, well guess what? You’re in luck! We specialize in helping improve search engine rankings for businesses of all sizes. Does that matter? Well consider this, your websites authority, traffic and Relevance from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo is suffering if you have not put established SEO as a staple for your online campaigns.

For your business to receive the advantages of a great website design, it’s important that you rank in the top spots, or really what was the point of taking time and spending the budget to receive minimal traffic? Did you know that every search returns many thousands and sometimes millions of results, being relevant means getting noticed.

Building traffic and generating leads means improving the relevance of your website for strategic searches with relevant intent for your business.

Did you know that we can make an amazing difference on the amount of website traffic that your business receives from online searches and we can tailor a search engine optimization package that is just right for your company needs.

We’ve got a search engine marketing budget that fits your vision of success.

Who else do you know that can’t get enough of Search Engine Ranking Statistics to come up with new devious ways to steal top search engine spots from unsuspecting competitors..?

Yeah I know, get a life right! Well as sad as this tragic tale may seem to you light dwellers, sitting in a dark room at all hours of the day and night is what I love to do. Really! Ensuring that everything about a campaign is functioning just right, at all times, has become an obsession. So armed with that bit of knowledge,  a savvy business person might ask (or should ask) to exploit a person like that, right? So coining a current marketing campaign slogan, ‘what’s in your website?’
You need a powerful, knowledgeable team to succeed in modern SEO. Our skilled team has the training and tools to really increase your businesses bottom line. We will produce remarkable results for your business online.

Tom Cahill SEO (rain maker)
Tom Cahill SEO (rain maker)
Theresa Cahill Web Diva
Theresa Cahill Web Diva

Online Industry Leaders

We are the top innovators in key Search Engine Strategies. Using the top content marketing and content curation techniques.

Let’s talk about getting found

Search engines are constantly changing how they rank results. In fact they have 200 reported ways to rank web pages (they’re called algorithms) 

As a result, your web page ranking is not fixed, your website could change rank several times in just one week.

Improving relevance and getting ahead in search results are simply ways to achieve your real SEO goals: quality traffic and leads.
Talk to us, we are SEO experts. Take advantage of our search engine expertise and smoke the competition!

Consultations are always free, but please act now as client space is limited 

Don’t let your website go one more day without getting the attention it deserves online! With our expert search engine optimizing skills and our online marketing knowledge, we can start today to make sure your business is seen by qualified internet searchers!
You’re in great company.

We have been the driving force behind BC companies both small and medium businesses alike for 20 years.