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How are you doing with your digital Marketing Campaigns?

Are your ‘So-Called’ campaign experts using these Google AdWords Hacks to Drive More Qualified Leads?

Google AdWords Powerful Pay Per Click Advertising Resources

The new digital marketplace Campbell River. it’s called Google, Facebook, Instagram, AdWords and all other digital mediums to drive More Qualified Leads.

Your Personal Pay Per Click Expert (Tom) is Online NOW!

Hack #1 Optimize Quality Score

website design

What is the AdWords quality score and what impact does it have on your CPC and ad rankings? To improve your quality score, you need a campaign that is specific to your target. Make sure you stop targeting junk keywords.

Hack #2: Outsmart your Competitors’ Ads

Search Engine Optimization

In every industry, there are competitors. If your competitors’ Google ads are ranking highly, analyzing their secrets helps your ads to perform better.

Hack #3: Optimize for Mobile Platforms

 Pay Per Click Marketing

More searches are being conducted on mobile devices these days. To generate more leads, you need to utilize all of the available platforms that Google AdWords provides.  That includes setting up Google Ads for mobile.

Driving qualified leads using pay per click (PPC) advertising is a great way to generate more leads.

  • Businesses make on average $2 of revenue for every $1 they spend.
  • Paid ads are 56% more profitable than social media.

Cell ad

quality ppc score

Per Per Click is Good Right?

With all the factors that you can’t control that impact how targeted and profitable your campaigns are, getting more from your investment and increasing your ROI and your qualified leads is crucial to any successful endeavor.

Whether your budget is $50 per month or $20,000 we can ensure that every click counts. 

Your Personal Pay Per Click Expert (Tom) is Online NOW!

What Is A Successful AdWords Campaign?

If you haven’t heard this phrase yet ‘key performance indicator (KPI)’, it is probably the single most important thing to decide on first.This goal should be the one that matters most to your business. It must be tracked, and the data has to be integrated with AdWords where it can be used for marketing iterations (or web campaign optimizations).

Your goal must also be reasonable. For example, hitting a target cost-per-acquisition below $25 while at the same time remaining in the top position are probably at odds. If you’re lucky, you may be able to reach both; however, in most cases, you have to choose one or the other, so you need to know which one matters most.

Finally, your AdWords Quality Score is only one of many factors and should not be your primary goal. We always ensure a maximum Quality Score for the companies we work with, but it’s ultimately this is just one of the metrics that focus on and use to guide our decisions in pursuit of the real KPI — We always look at all factors including budget to determine what is going to create the best results for you, our client.

PPC Management Solutions for Google AdWords Powerful Pay Per Click Advertising. 





You Need A Strong Pay Per Click Marketing Team To Ensure the Success of
your online Campaigns.

We’re driven by the numbers, and love the science behind making all facets of your online advertising become a stellar success! Our commitment to our clients and our untiring pursuit of the best possible conversion rates keeps us up at night, so you can get a decent night’s sleep.
Our team loves what we do and we have the talent to ensure you the best possible return on investment possible. Excellent and successful campaigns have come to define us.
That is why this is one of our favorite quotes..
“by their fruits, you shall know them”

Tom Cahill Partner
Tom Cahill Partner
Theresa Cahill Partner
Theresa Cahill Partner

We can even Optimize Your Campaigns With Just a Little Bit of Conversion Data

Even with a small amount of conversion date, we can make a difference in your organization’s Pay Per Click results.  We can start with the data you have (or do not have) and start to make instant determinations that can make a profound difference to you campaigns bottom line. It’s always easier to make statistically sound decisions after adding Google Analytics to the mix and knowing how to interpret the information. It’s perfect at telling you what happens between the click and the conversion.

Why choose Cahill Web Studio as your Pay Per Click marketing partner?

We Gather competitive data

  • Evaluate competitors’ traffic, its cost, and their number of keywords
  • Estimate competitors’ spendings on AdWords compared to their PLAs
  • Identify local competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads

great ratings
We Discover the top-performing ads

  • We can find the best PLAs and ads that pop up for each keyword
  • We can tell you how long competitors’ ads have been running and help to find the most profitable ad copies
  • We can make your your ads more appealing for users to click on

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Grab the best keywords for your campaign

  • We find out how many keywords you and your competitors have in common
  • We get a list of keywords that prompt competitor’s ads to appear in search results
  • We uncover new profitable keywords for your campaign

We provide paid search programs that makes sense for you and your business goals.

Our dedicated Marketing Pay Per Click Team will manage and optimize your campaign for you. We can run it ongoing.. or set it up and train you to run it yourself. Either way bringing the control of a finely run Paid Ad Campaign will get you the quick results your business is looking for. Ask us for a no obligation discussion about your online marketing goals. We know from past experience, you’ll be glad you did.

Pay Per Click Dr

Pay Per Click Management & Online Marketing Services

Cahill Web Studio provide personalized, effective, affordable Pay Per Click Management solutions that boasts, ‘apples/apples, you can’t find a solution that will deliver you a better return on investment than we can provide. Save up to 100% on cost-per-click compared to industry average cost-per-click on Google Adwords! This helps your ads run longer and generate more sales for a lot less cost per conversion, which increases your bottom line profit margins!

Brilliant Website Development and Design
will have your customers Converting now.

Think of your website like a digital storefront to your business. Website design has evolved from just words and pictures to include a meaningful experience for the user, fast load speed interactive features, search friendly design, and much more.  Your web presence now has to be proactive in the customer conversion / buying cycle. That’s why A website (a good website) is one of a company’s most valuable assets. We build high performing websites that are proven to work and convert. If your website is out, broken or non-existent, you could be missing a large part of your potential market.

The best lead generating Keywords,
Ads & Landing Pages.

In order to convert properly you need a complete converting solution. (it’s kind of like a marketing funnel. Everybody starts at the very top and throughout the purchase cycle you continue to become more targeted in your marketing approach. I am not going to go off on a 10,000 word blog post boring you on each and every step on how this should be accomplished. But I will touch on a few of the key components regardless of where your target customers are in the buying cycle.

  1. You need a properly crafted ad (ads for split testing)
  2. You need Keyword research to ensure proper targeting
  3. You need a great landing page experience with a clear call to action (CTA)

We create the entire process and watch over all aspects to ensure you the best possible return on your online advertising budget.

Results Based Local Marketing

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Exceptional Online Toolbox

You are only as good as the tools you have and how you use them. Here are a few of ours.


You Are In Great Company

We been the driving force behind BC companies both small and medium businesses alike for 20 years.

Your Personal Pay Per Click Expert (Tom) is Online NOW!